Link: Google High Page Ranks

January 17, 2008

Just found this site, so I thought I might give it a link. It’s a list of all websites/domains with a page rank of either 9 or 10. It’s a great list, seems well updated, and always fun to check out. So head over to to see.


Let Users Rate Your Post!

January 5, 2008

I know that whenever I’m reading a post, I can’t really be bothered writing a comment just to let the writer know what I thought of the article, which isn’t really fair to the author. However, this is a plugin that makes giving feedback to authors very easy.

WP-PostRatings is a fantastic free WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily input a rating system into your blog, and keep track of ratings made.

Along with the free download, there’s a plugin for showing results as a widget! Seriously, check out this plugin, as it is really worth a download. It’s in use over at my website and I love it!

Adsense Remove ‘Advertise On This Site’ Link

December 5, 2007

AdSense have just announced in emails to publishers that they have decided to remove the ‘Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up’ feature that once appeared occasionally on some ad units (the link used to say ‘Advertise on this site’).

According to them, the removal of the link is due to it’s poor performance and will soon be completely gone.

Personally I see this as a good move by them. I can’t imagine many people just clicking on that ad, signing up as an Adwords user and going from there. It’s the same as a person just clicking on ad to buy a new mobile phone (the ad was on a blog let’s say) and going through to buy it that moment. It’s very unlikely, and usually the clicker has to think about it, and then will by from the cheapest option. So that link probably didn’t get too many new Adwords sign-ups for Google.

Over at Adsense they’re really trying to revamp the system. Just lately they’ve even changed ads from being clickable all over, to only clickable on the title and URL. You might want to read this for more info on that change.

Plugin Weekly (05/12/07)

December 5, 2007

First week of Plugin Weekly, and it’s a good one:

Google Adsense – It’s exactly the same as the Text widgets, but with (very) minor tweaks specifically for inserting Google Ads in the sidebars. It basically allows you to put javascript into the sidebars via widgets.

WP Super Cache – Everyone should have a copy of this plugin. It’s basically a very fast caching module for WordPress, and essential for when one of you’re posts gets made popular on Digg, or starts getting a lot of hits.

WP Polls – This plugin adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. You can easily include a poll into your WordPress’s blog post/page, and it’s very customizable.

obsocialbookmarker – Adds user-submission links at the bottom of each post for various social bookmarking sites which allows your visitors to easily submit them in a number of social bookmarking sites. Includes:, reddit, slashdot it, digg, facebook, technorati, google, stumble, and a lot more.

Also, check out MtDewVirus for a collection of over 10 plugins that are small but quite handy.

Grid Focus – A Fantastic Theme

December 1, 2007

I recently came across such a great theme, that I decided to integrate it into my blog GOSNEAKER.COM, and also post about it here.

The theme is called Grid Focus and it’s created by Derek Punsaslan. For this blog, I was looking for a very minimalist, but easy to customize theme, and Derek’s did the job perfectly.

After a few hours playing with the theme (still building the website though!) here’s the final result, or you can check it out live at GOSNEAKER.COM:

And the theme can be found at 5thirtyone here.

Make Facebook Your Friend

November 30, 2007

Facebook LogoI’m a pretty consistent user of Facebook, and thought I’d try something out. On Facebook, people have the ability to discuss/donate/support causes, and the discussions made in these causes can be a valuable traffic source for your website.

So recently I’ve started up a new website called Pinkoogle where it’s basically Google but your search results are displayed in a Pink theme. The intention of the website (no real profits yet) is to have all profit made from the Google Ads on the website, go to a breast cancer charity – the site was originally made for Pink October but was only finished on October 28.

On Facebook, I noticed the cause for Support the Campaign for Breast Cancer Research. In the discussion of that cause, I made a very brief post saying “ – Searching for a better cause. It’s Google but for Breast Cancer. The traffic started rolling in and it was for a good cause. See, Facebook can be very helpful!

Below are some of the stats to further explain my point. Keep in mind that the website has only been up for 30 days, and NO PAYED ADVERTISING has been done. (over the jump)

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Being AdSense Safe

November 25, 2007

google_adsenseThis is talked about often, as it is a major issue for blog-owners. When I talk about Being AdSense Safe though, I mean being safe with your account. No one wants to be in a position where they lose their AdSense account, and this does happen often, believe it or not.

But how to you protect yourself from being click-bombed (one of the main reasons that accounts are banned)? Well, there’s really only one easy solution. Monitor your account through Google Analytics (or another stat-keeper), and make sure that whenever the click-through-rate (CTR) seems too high, you CONTACT GOOGLE! through their site. This is crucial that you get in contact with them, and not just sit around hoping they won’t notice.

Don’t click on your ads. Don’t ask others to click on ads for you. And Contact Google when in despair. They may not reply, but they sure as hell have your message which is all you need to be safe.