Being AdSense Safe

google_adsenseThis is talked about often, as it is a major issue for blog-owners. When I talk about Being AdSense Safe though, I mean being safe with your account. No one wants to be in a position where they lose their AdSense account, and this does happen often, believe it or not.

But how to you protect yourself from being click-bombed (one of the main reasons that accounts are banned)? Well, there’s really only one easy solution. Monitor your account through Google Analytics (or another stat-keeper), and make sure that whenever the click-through-rate (CTR) seems too high, you CONTACT GOOGLE! through their site. This is crucial that you get in contact with them, and not just sit around hoping they won’t notice.

Don’t click on your ads. Don’t ask others to click on ads for you. And Contact Google when in despair. They may not reply, but they sure as hell have your message which is all you need to be safe.


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