Make Facebook Your Friend

Facebook LogoI’m a pretty consistent user of Facebook, and thought I’d try something out. On Facebook, people have the ability to discuss/donate/support causes, and the discussions made in these causes can be a valuable traffic source for your website.

So recently I’ve started up a new website called Pinkoogle where it’s basically Google but your search results are displayed in a Pink theme. The intention of the website (no real profits yet) is to have all profit made from the Google Ads on the website, go to a breast cancer charity – the site was originally made for Pink October but was only finished on October 28.

On Facebook, I noticed the cause for Support the Campaign for Breast Cancer Research. In the discussion of that cause, I made a very brief post saying “ – Searching for a better cause. It’s Google but for Breast Cancer. The traffic started rolling in and it was for a good cause. See, Facebook can be very helpful!

Below are some of the stats to further explain my point. Keep in mind that the website has only been up for 30 days, and NO PAYED ADVERTISING has been done. (over the jump)

1,114 different visitors over the first 30 days is pretty decent. When looking at the traffic sources though, about 55% is direct traffic (I didn’t think was such a good domain, shame on me), with 31% being due to that little post I made on a Facebook cause. A good 300 or so people visited the site, made a search, and left, all in under a month because of a small little link.

This is evidence, that Facebook can be a fantastic source of traffic! So if you see a group/cause/page on Facebook that relates to your blog, make a very brief post linking to your site (don’t make it sound spammy), and take advantage of the hits you can get.


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