Link: Google High Page Ranks

January 17, 2008

Just found this site, so I thought I might give it a link. It’s a list of all websites/domains with a page rank of either 9 or 10. It’s a great list, seems well updated, and always fun to check out. So head over to to see.


Let Users Rate Your Post!

January 5, 2008

I know that whenever I’m reading a post, I can’t really be bothered writing a comment just to let the writer know what I thought of the article, which isn’t really fair to the author. However, this is a plugin that makes giving feedback to authors very easy.

WP-PostRatings is a fantastic free WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily input a rating system into your blog, and keep track of ratings made.

Along with the free download, there’s a plugin for showing results as a widget! Seriously, check out this plugin, as it is really worth a download. It’s in use over at my website and I love it!