November 25, 2007

Hello early-viewers. Little overview of Blozanga.

Basically Blozanga’s another (small) about-blogging website, all about making money, quality posts, using blogging platforms, etc. (I use mainly WordPress so there’ll be a lot of info on that too.)

Blozanga will draw a lot of inspiration from sites like Problogger, Bloggingpro.com, and others. It’s just that when I get these ideas whilst blogging, I think “thats useless to me, I may aswell tell people about it”, but normally I can’t. Now I can.

Now that you know what the blog’s about, here’s a little info on me. I’m Bryce, I live in Australia, I run a few websites (itsALLmac.com, gosneaker, SoMuchCrap, and others), and I get lots and lots and lots of ideas – most useless, but ideas nonetheless.

So, that’s done. Enjoy the blog.